Saturday, February 8, 2020

I Am Not Satan

I aspire in this post to embolden and enlighten my readers. In this post, I respond to something said about me six years ago but then I was not able to respond. This because I was so wounded in this battle for my name, it was too traumatizing to read it all and every day. I can not honestly say I am less wounded now but I am older.

I respond to the following:

I recently found a screenshot of a post written by Tracy Ryan Terhune on March 29, 2014 on his hate Affairs Valentino blog. It was an image he posted of Christ pointing the way to Satan... Telling Satan to, “Get thee to the Lake of Fire!” As Tracy Ryan Terhune posted this on his blog which he runs under the title of and steeped in hatred of my Rudolph Valentino biography, Affairs Valentino, it was very clear who he felt he was in that image and who I was.

As I mentioned, I did not read his mean-spirited post below this image. However, I did read it the other day. It was an accusation that he was my victim. I have decided I would respond now. What is the expression? “Better late than never”?

In this post on March 29, 2014, Tracy Ryan Terhune says he never met me and posed this as an argument for his claiming he is my victim. If someone has bullied you online for a decade, you do not need to meet them face to face to feel justified in defending yourself with a response or even a million responses. As long as he continues, my response will be forthcoming.

I ask what relevance his not having met me... has to do with the years of his issuing his blatant online bullying of me, my work and my husband Renato Floris? He displays his fat file folders of printouts of my years of defending myself and deceives again by claiming they contain evidence of my bullying him. This is false. I stand proudly behind every word I have ever written in my defense and in an attempt to have my truth known as I do again here today.

I doubt that anyone today could read what Tracy Ryan Terhune has written to date, including the vicious, ageist name-calling he has posted about my husband and I and not recognize that he is, and always has been, the bully. Perhaps he does not know “victim-blaming” is one of the top ten definitions of a cyber-bully on the U.S. Government's cyber-bullying website. This is but a strategy by the bully to try and silence and shame their victim by threatening them further if they dare to protest or defend themselves.

Over the years I have responded via many venues and in varied formats from humor to irony to fierce rebuttal, various blogs and even videos... to what avail? None. It is now ten years since Affairs Valentino was first published and he is still openly bullying us online. The totality of all the posts he has made and approved of on the blog he runs under Affairs Valentino, stands as testimony to this statement.

Additionally Tracy Ryan Terhune has organized, participated in and acted as leader in an aggressive and organized effort to ruin us.

I cite the following in support of this statement:

In May and June of 2019, Ms. Cindy Martin, who formerly posted on the Affairs Valentino hate blog run by Terhune, engaged in a revelatory exchange with my husband Renato Floris.... she wrote the following which I excerpt from her lengthy messages solely for the purposes of supporting my statements here today.

May 29, 2019: “There are now new individuals Tracy is using to achieve his nasty goal and they are attempting to make my life difficult. I am having enough trouble with bullying from them...

On the same date: “I was duped into treating you and Evelyn badly and I stopped it of my own accord by accusing Tracy of bullying..”

“I realized I was being used in a terrible way and Tracy knew very well that Simon knew who I was. Those two are now thick as thieves along with Donna Hill and they are working against Evelyn.”

“David Bret has been masquerading as Albert Morris for quite some time now.”

“Tracy is truly a snake'”

“Tracy is a master at manipulation.”

“Tracy has always been the puppet master. No one else has ever pulled the strings. Even David would read his entire statement for his blog to him before posting it.”

“I told him (Tracy) a while ago that I refused to be a part of his “ bully-machine” against you and Evelyn.”

“I told Tracy he was a bully and he unfriended me which suits me just fine.”

On June 2, 2019: “No one told me then that Tracy had these court papers all along... Tracy certainly did not.”

June 10, 2019: “Tracy, David, Simon and that bunch continue their campaign against you.”

I believe it was easier to fool the public when this campaign against us began ten years ago. Then we had only published one book, Affairs Valentino. Today we have published twelve. People are more savvy now and recognize the rhetoric and the actions of online bullies. The content of Tracy Ryan Terhune's Affairs Valentino hate blog is proof enough of just who is the bully and who is the victim. We have been accused of bullying him when the exact opposite is the case and times a billion.

I thank the courageous and very honest Ms. Martin for her candor and sincerity in assisting us in exposing this situation. She has greatly contributed to a cure for this plague of bullies who are currently controlling a false narrative about Rudolph Valentino. Ms. Martin's commentary to Renato is, in my opinion, heroic.

I hope that more people, like Ms. Martin will question these bullies denigrating remarks about us and our work and question their actions...and in doing so help to bring an end to this bullying campaign. Perhaps in this way a new era of truth about Rudolph Valentino and his life story will begin; one of cooperation, respect and inclusion.