Monday, February 3, 2020

The Actual Agenda

Today, I am again forced to respond to the abusive blog posts made and approved of by Tracy Ryan Terhune on the designated hate blog he runs under my book Affairs Valentino's title, where he publicly harasses, demeans, mocks and bullys me, my husband Renato Floris and our work on Rudolph Valentino.

I will not respond to all of his name-calling and false accusations, but will today focus on responding to Tracy Ryan Terhune's hypocritical attempt to dismiss books as being “agenda-driven” such as those written by George Ullman and Natacha Rambova. In my opinion, driving an agenda is something Tracy Ryan Terhune knows a great deal about.

Both Valentino's close friend and trusted business manager George Ullman and Valentino's second wife, Natacha Rambova said they wrote their memoirs promptly after Valentino's death because there was so much fiction being churned out in haste in the wake of Valentino's death, they wanted respectful truth to be available.

I respond to Tracy Ryan Terhune's critical dismissal of their books with his accusation of their being agenda-driven, by saying he is hypocritical in this accusation as I allege he is the person who is driving a heavy agenda in regards to Valentino today.

I cite the following to support my statement.

For years, after I published Affairs Valentino, I was accused of forging the probate court records of Rudolph Valentino which I sourced heavily. The online campaign to deter people from reading my work by calling me a fiction writer and a forger.. was not only something Tracy Terhune was aware of, but something he openly participated in and still does today.

He ran and continues to run a blog under my book's title where he has posted for some seven years and counting, his tag line that my book is “pure fiction” (even posting this once in the first person as if I was saying this), by posting images of the Bible, Satan and Jesus and threats of litigation in bold red capital letters. By posting this on a blog under my book's title, he willfully deceives legitimate web traffic seeking information about Affairs Valentino.

Tracy Ryan Terhune has linked this blog to other blogs, run by his affiliates, where not only my good name was and is smeared mercilessly but my parents names and my friends and business associates who were also threatened and attacked with lies and mockery and for years. I have ample proof as screenshots to prove this statement.

Throughout, Tracy Ryan Terhune has accused me of bullying him whenever I issue a response and whenever I refuse to remain silent in my own and in my loved ones defense.

While I was accused of writing fiction and being the forger of those court records, Tracy Ryan Terhune said nothing to correct this. And this was even when he knew those records existed. He would eventually admit to having seen these very records and admit he knew of three collectors who had these stolen documents at one time in their possession.

To explain; in the course of my researching Affairs Valentino, I sought to locate these records to know the truth about the settlement of Valentino's estate and the role his trusted manager George Ullman played as estate executor. I learned the original case file, which was by law required to be available for public review in the Los Angeles County Hall of Records, had been stolen. I received verification of this from the Hall of Records in the form of a Certificate of Clerk.

Some time later I did locate some one thousand pages of these records as they were copied by the California Court of Appeals. These were the documents I brought forth which changed a great deal in Valentino's history as it was then being told by the Valentino family and as supported by Tracy Ryan Terhune.

It was obvious to me that the content of that case file had been kept hidden for decades while the false narrative was upheld. By not coming forward to say he knew those records existed and were indeed not forged by me, I charge that this is agenda-driven behavior by Tracy Ryan Terhune.

Last year Ms. Cindy Martin contacted my husband Renato Floris. For the previous few years, Ms. Martin was one of the most vocal and prolific posters on Tracy Ryan Terhune's hate Affairs Valentino blog. She told my husband she had changed course and regretted her actions. I am grateful to her for sharing inside information about the actions against my work as it shed light on the true affiliations and agendas, which according to Ms. Martin, are conducted and controlled by Tracy Ryan Terhune.

I cite the following to support this statement.

On June 10, 2019.. Ms. Martin wrote.

Tracy, David, Simon and that bunch continue their campaign against you.”

And on June 2, 2019 she writes,

The problem is, Tracy has such power over people because of that yearly memorial.. that he just has to crook his little finger and they all come running.”

Cindy Martin also told my husband Renato Floris in May of 2019, that she was not made aware that Tracy Ryan Terhune knew those court records existed and I quote her message dated May 29, 2019,

No one gets wigged out the way Tracy did because of a book, but he sure stirred us up and used the 'mob mentality' on many of us. I cannot, still apologize enough for the part I played in all of that. I have to ask myself if Tracy already had those court papers that Evelyn found then why did Tracy not bring the information forward in his own book? He could have written it or had Donna Hill help him.”

Why else would Tracy Ryan Terhune keep his knowledge that those records existed... a secret.. other than to perpetuate his own agenda-driven actions to ruin my reputation and deter potential readers of my work from judging for themselves?

And in regards to the stolen court records, which he knew about and which I was accused of forging; I was told on two occasions who had those stolen records. One of those occasions took place in a little coffee shop next to the Castro Theater in San Francisco after the showing of Valentino's film, Beyond the Rocks.

There I met with Ms. Donna Hill who told me that the original case file of records had been returned to the Valentino family spokeswoman from a Valentino memorabilia collector in exchange for one of Valentino's shirts. In Affairs Valentino I related this account and wrote the source, Ms. Hill, as anonymous. Apparently when this was published, Tracy Ryan Terhune knew who to blame.

I cite the following in support of this statement.

Ms. Martin writes on May, 29, 2019,

I will tell you a little something about the shirt thing and Donna. You and Evelyn may or may not know this, but when Tracy found out that Donna had given up that shirt in the cafe (which Tracy told Donna) for that information, he was REALLY MAD at Donna and never really trusted her again. He still doesn't. Donna has been trying to get back into Tracy's good graces ever since. So it makes perfect sense to me that she has been sending him the information behind your backs. She will be trying to suck up to him forever. Tracy is calling the shots and he is also controlling what Simon and Eleanor Gribbon from Mad About the Boy puts there. “

I respond today by calling out the fiercely-driven agenda in the world of Valentino today which is not one perpetrated by Valentino's wife Natacha Rambova or George Ullman or by myself. It is an agenda driven by Tracy Ryan Terhune to bury my work and the new documentation I brought forward. I personally can not think of another celebrity, other than Rudolph Valentino, who is so victimized by an agenda, driven to hide and protect lies about legitimate authors, discoveries and material.

I cite the following to support this statement.

Again from the same message on May 29, 2019, Ms. Martin writes:

Was Tracy paid to protect the lies that were out there? … Why should we not know the truth? Why not all join together to protect His (Rudy's) true legacy rather than waste our precious and short time on this rock fighting...”

I agree with her statement 100%. Ms. Martin stands as heroic in exposing this and again I thank her. And as far as Tracy Ryan Terhune claiming this response is bullying him, I state I will always stand up to defend my good name from his public mud-slinging, i.e. his calling me, "Fool Zumaya", and I will always defend the good name of my husband Renato Floris. I will never be silenced and will defend and respond to the best of my ability to the unwarranted attacks on my integrity and the honesty of our books. This is my defense.

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