Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Books That Tracy Ryan Terhune Does Not Want You to Read

Contrary to what was posted on Tracy Ryan Terhune's "Evelyn Zumaya is Bad, Bad, Bad" blog... (check out his horrendous bullying of us on @ he can scarcely claim it is an opinion when telling people my books are "pure fiction" and "agenda driven" and that they should be "avoided completely at all cost". Especially when he writes this within a context of name-calling and insults of the highest order.

 He can certainly say he did not like the book, that would be his opinion. 100%. But making a statement such as that about my work is  obvious in its malicious intent. This is especially so after a decade of his tremendous and heinous and public abuse of me and mine online.  I think Tracy Terhune knows this is far, far from the truth. As Michael Morris wrote, Affairs Valentino is the, "best researched book on Valentino ever written."

I have shared more of my sources than possibly necessary, (including publishing a book of supportive documentation)  and been forthcoming in answering all questions. Telling someone Affairs Valentino is pure fiction and telling them to avoid it... is impeding my right to do a legitimate business and it is defamation.

This is just more of the same campaign of defamation, harassment and bullying which has been going on for a decade... I cite as example, when "they" purported I forged the court records which became a major source of my work; this was a vicious ploy to defame me and convince their followers that my work was fiction. It certainly is not. It never has been and never will be.

Ms. Cindy Martin informed us that she was never told that "they" had access those court records while they told her they did not exist. I thank her for telling us that and am sorry they deceived her in this way.  And Tracy Ryan Terhune apparently quite inadvertently admitted he knew of three collectors who had them in their possession.. this... while I was being accused of forging them. It can not be both ways.

Telling an interested party that my work is fictional and not opinion but fabrication (a fancy word for lie) and blatantly designed to ruin my name and compromise the integrity of my work. My book Affairs Valentino is the most heavily cited and documented book on Rudolph Valentino.

And if this was not, as Ms. Martin told us, a "campaign to ruin our work"... then why would Tracy Ryan Terhune continue after all these years to run a blog, so obviously steeped in hatred, under my book's title where he calls us names, mocks our age while providing a platform for defamatory and false commentary and where he willfully diverts web traffic seeking information about my book to find this vile residue of feigned and pathetically written lies about me and my husband Renato Floris. Tracy Terhune does not link this hate blog to his main Facebook group and I do not wonder why. It is disgusting abuse. I respond..

It has been ten years and counting that they.. as they call themselves, "the team",  have been trying to prevent the public from reading our books and judging for themselves... I consider that a major fail on their behalf. If Tracy Ryan Terhune considers Affairs Valentino so worthless, then why has he been running a blog under its title for seven years now and counting?