Sunday, November 22, 2020

This Story Will Be Told

*The documents shared in this blog are all public record. Passages, selected pages and clips of images are excerpted under the guidelines of Fair Use as they are posted in brief to support the narrative. All of these public documents are available to anyone accessing the court archives; in this case the Court of Asti, case file #RG n. 4130/2014

I imagine my posting proof that my lawsuit, which I filed in 2014 against David Bret, was valid and that I won this case...will be met with his predictable accusation I forged it all. I want to go on record saying it is absurd to think I would or could invent an entire lawsuit in Italy... and I am above all not a reckless person and would never forge legal documents. With these records being publicly available in the court archive, it would be easy to prove their existence and content. In my opinion, Bret makes this claim out of desperation because he wants this story, and me, buried forever. He has opened blogs devoted to telling the world the entire case was fraudulent and a figment of my imagination. I think he knows this insane argument has only made the situation worse for him. 

This said he continues with the same bullying behavior and primarily with the assistance of Tracy Terhune who provides an illegal platform for him on the hijacked blog Terhune runs under my book's title.

It is curious how the allegation of forgery persists in the Valentino world. In 1930, when George Ullman found a copy of Paragraph Fourth, the portion of Valentino's will which designated his entire estate to Jean Valentino... Alberto Valentino cried “It's a forgery!” He demanded the judge summon the typist and the typewriter to prove it was all a fake. It was not and the judge admitted the document as a legitimate portion of Valentino's will.

Tracy Terhune pounded his drums of war against us for years while we were accused of forging all of those court records we discovered... this until he slipped up and admitted he had seen the actual records and knew of several collectors who had them in their possession at one time or another. When I posted a few of Michael Morris' e-mails to me, the “team” also cried, “Forgery!” They were not.

The following pages as excerpted from the case as filed v. David Bret are not forgeries and are supported by the screenshots also submitted as evidence. The entire document, the evidence filed and the official English translation of the verdict can be read @

The document filed stands as an accurate account of Bret's actions against us until 2014. Further documentation of his actions from then until the present will be forthcoming. Proof of Terhune's providing him a platform to violate the verdict can be found on Terhune's hate Affairs Valentino blog.

I will not be silenced and this story will be told. 

Excerpt #1
Excerpt # 2-3 ( begins in mid-citation from a Bret post)