Sunday, May 28, 2023

So Very Much

I have not received any takers on my invite to debate my haters live on Facetime/Zoom. I find that very telling. After all these years and years of their trashing Renato and my work with utter abandon, when push comes to shove they fear a face to face to debate and also fear my being a member of their Facebook groups.

In addition to my previous request, I ask that I be welcomed into their two Facebook groups, Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget. I think this is a fair request considering all the work Renato and I accomplished on Valentino and Rambova. What do they fear? 

Because if they did not fear us and our truthiness, they would not care at all if we were there. I think some lively debates would inspire their audiences to appreciate the truth and it is with this in mind I issue my request. 

(Below)... love, love, love and I miss you both so very much! Hero and heroine! 💓💓