Thursday, May 4, 2023

And Yes Our Love!

Well there is a reason why Renato and I were under attack for fourteen years. As a matter of fact there are fourteen reasons as books and one hundred and ten reasons as videos... videos which include narrations of two of our books, many podcasts we produced and other ephemera. 

It is astounding to me that those who attacked us and still attack me and Renato's memory, try to portray us as the aggressors. It is painfully obvious who the aggressors are and always have been. Tracy Terhune has called our work "fan fiction" publicly many, many times as captured in screenshots, adding it all belongs in the "trash can of Valentino history". He has taunted us with mentions of our old age and deaths, "tick tocking" and saying no one would "miss us when we are gone." He has called me insane, i.e. the "Madwoman of Turin" for over a decade. Etc., etc., etc.

While Simon Constable reminds his then followers on Mad About the Boy (before he so heroically left his post as administrator) that my name was not to be mentioned and added his signature garnish of a fece emoji. He responded to Renato's sincere request to join the group with a slap in the face telling him to "Go Away!"

Eleanor Gribbin took it upon herself (and I have no doubt still does )to Direct Message people who mention us and send them a link to this blog as proof of how horrible we are. (I have the transcripts)

Well I am astounded she would share a link to this blog, as does David Bret because this mighty blog stands as a towering monument to our resilience, our strength and to our fierce response in defense of ourselves and our work against these awful people's actions. 

They are the censors, the insecure, the threatened and according to twelve years of captured evidence the aggressors. And they all know I am telling the gospel truth... when I say they are guilty as sin. 

How many ways did Renato and I fight back... in how many words, posts, and videos... how very hard we fought to have our actual truth known. We waged a documented, intelligent fight back. 

What do these people fear? And yes I believe they act out of fear....They... (and that includes that sad sack phony in Rozendaal/Helsinki/Konstanz) they fear our research, our discoveries, our passion, our truthfulness, our integrity and yes our love. They fear this: