Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Live... Cameras Rolling

Some time ago I invited someone who goes by the name of Cindy Martin to appear live with me on Zoom to debate. I now extend that invite to all of the people who have been doing their toxic best over the years to silence Renato and I. It could be a live interview with my only requirement being that we reveal photographic ID before the show begins. I think that is a fair request all things considered. 

I would love to debate and speak to their audience. I welcome the invitation. 

I have somewhat figured out Zoom so that could be a venue. But I specifically think a live debate on one of their Facebook groups would be way more to the point. 

It is one thing to hide behind a computer and act out as they have and do. But I say put your money where your mouths are... as the expression goes... meet me on camera, live.... recorded for posterity.

Invitations stand. I can be contacted through the Affairs Valentino Facebook page and my Patreon account.