Sunday, May 14, 2023

With a Great Deal of Passion

So much in the news these days about censorship and being canceled. Was I the first? Sometimes I think I have been censored and canceled for longer than anyone on earth. From the first days of the internet, "they" found ways to cancel me, bully me, and when Renato came into my life they went after him in the same way.

So much being said these days that I find relatable. The losers in this seemingly endless campaign are not Renato and I... because I feel victorious... but all of you folks who find Rudolph Valentino worthy of your time and interest who have been deprived of so much. 

How much fascinating new information we brought forth to have it censored, lied about and there you have it... You have been deprived!

Of the truth! The lies are paramount. The other day I was sorting through old files and found the mountain of documents from the lawsuit we won v. David Bret. Well of course there was some pause to take a gander at that. But one thing stood out. At one point Bret was ordered/remanded into bankruptcy because he refused to pay me the damages I won in the lawsuit.

When we were told he reported he had zero assets to the bankruptcy officer, we said hey wait a minute... how about all of his books online? The officer replied, "What books?" He never told them a thing about his being the "World's Greatest Author". 

So Renato took the time to compile a complete listing of all of the then books/pamphlets Bret had for sale and when I saw that I thought... wow the liar. 

I will make a graphic of that list because it is ridiculous. 

So you my gentle readers have been deprived if you ever believed "them" for a moment. Snakes in the grass and I apologize to snakes for the comparison. Slithering around the internet believing they are so clever when they are always spotted, always idiotic and foolish in their feigned efforts to deceive.

Be nice. Be kind. Be respectful of two people who honestly worked very hard with a great deal of passion to enhance the legacy of the great Rudolph. 

Love for Renato Floris! Thank you, thank you for all your hard work!