Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Line

“Cherish what you believe. Don't lob off one single value judgment because it swims upstream against what appears to be a majority. Respect your own logic, your own sense of morality. Certainly listen to arguments; certainly ponder and respect the opinions of your peers. But, there is a point you compromise, and there's a point all human beings draw a line and say, 'Beyond this point it's not right or just or honest, and beyond this point I don't move...' “

Rod Serling, the creator and host of the iconic television show, The Twilight Zone, was my father's friend. They knew each other long ago in the 1960's. When my father ran a sort of beatnik coffee shop, Rod Serling would often drop by and hang out.

I once meant the man and remember how odd that he was so short. I share this quote as it obviously hit home with me. 

I draw (as we have always drawn) the line as far as taking the abuse from those thankfully few haters who have and continue to sabotage the work Renato and I have accomplished.

I feel victorious in so many ways despite those miserable and sad people's worst efforts. And that is precisely why... they are miserable and sad. Happy people, content with themselves and their lives do not act the way they do.