Saturday, May 6, 2023

On the day of....

Those who deny Rudolph Valentino's truth while hiding behind their personal agendas, typically are out in force to celebrate his birthday on May 6th. Those who do not deny Valentino's truth, celebrate his life and not just on the birthday. They celebrate the man every day by sharing their honest research, the documentation and credible history in their/our books.

On this May 6th, I celebrate the work of Aurelio Miccoli and bless the day I watched Renato read Aurelio Miccoli's fine book, The Infancy of the Myth. I remember that moment because Renato was very impressed and said the book should be in English. Thus began the prolific partnership and friendship of these two distinguished gentleman.

Aurelio Miccoli's extensive contributions to Valentino's history are not solely contained within his books. He discovered countless documents relating to Valentino's schooling, his military history, his ancestry and much more.

There is no greater hero in this regard than Aurelio Miccoli. I would ask that Valentino afficiandos not be fooled by those who appear as notables on the birthday just to grab a little limelight for their nonsensical versions of Valentino's story.

Aurelio Miccoli and Renato Floris were a force to be reckoned with... as they worked tirelessly to discover Valentino's true history through documentation. I recall fondly the time Renato and I spent in Castellaneta with Professor Miccoli and share one memory of that auspicious day. Renato enjoying his day in Castellaneta!