Friday, June 2, 2023

What is the Reason?

I have been sorting through bins, boxes and digital files, organizing both Renato and my and Michael Morris' physical archives. Granted these days most of the archive is preserved on hard drives, but the physical archive is impressive in content and size, consisting of some twenty containers; plastic bins of letters, books, photographs, negatives, newspaper clippings, printouts of articles and endless source materials.

The containers are heavy with the decades of research conducted. Despite my hours and hours spent scanning the materials with the intent of sharing it all as a digital archive, most of the materials still remain unscanned. My role as the custodian of this valuable material is a sobering position and one I take very seriously.

What is the reason for my mentioning this today? Because this physical evidence of the work conducted into the subjects Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova stands as the reason. The reason being that this research material represents a great and successful, scientific quest for the documented truth.

I need not delve into the history of the censorship of these discoveries contained within this archive. The censors know what they did and still do and why.

What is their reason for still tragically attempting to censor this great work?

I believe they do so in an effort to add value to their Valentino identities by simply obeying. Their reason for obeying is to enhance their value to the censorship campaign conducted historically by their leader.

Despite their duty to this censorship, outside their heavily guarded boundaries of this unreasonable obedience and blind conformity, stands this noble mountain of archive...yellowing with time passing by. I am so very proud of this evidence of the work completed and proud of the reason why....being truth uncensored.

Is not censorship always rooted in fear? And oh how they fear this truth.

I will see that this archive is housed in as safe a location as possible and I will digitalize as much of it as I can. This is my mission. The reason why?

Pride. Honor. Respect. And the knowledge that the very reality of truth is after all scientific discovery and documentation... and this is fairly spilling out of these containers. Job well done!

Here follows a tiny portion of the archive as it is being organized for housing today. When I have the full inventory completed I will share that, as well as uploading all the digital files.