Thursday, June 22, 2023

What Would He Think?


Rudolph Valentino would be furious with the censorship committed in his name. He was a man who made every effort to embrace all walks of life and freedom of speech and behavior. He was a most modern man.

What would he have to say if he was told that all of the work Renato and I accomplished was being trashed routinely and lied about, shunned and cast aside by greedy collectors who haunt his tomb? 

We told the truth and the truth challenged their thinking and instead of engaging us in intelligent debate, they aggressively attempted to silence us.

I posted a year by year break down of their campaign to prevent you all from enjoying our discoveries on 

I will at some point complete the last few years but our personal life took such a tragic turn it was too much for me to revisit. I think I left off about the time Tracy Terhune converted the unholy blog he ran under my book, Affairs Valentino's title into a very fake and obvious, "Literary Critique". There, he and his partner David Bret unloaded and in their obvious panic they build a monument to their own horrible selves. 

I could not deal but at some point I will. 

Here's to you Rudy and Natacha! And all love and gratitude to you my dearest Renato!!! 💓💓💓