Sunday, June 4, 2023

I Will Continue

I have no doubt that those who band together in secrecy in an effort to censor our work, would love to see this blog vanish. Because their purpose was, and still is, to censor and ghost us and our work so thoroughly that we would, for all intents and purposes, vanish. 

I think in doing so they sorely underestimated people's genuine interest in the life of Rudolph Valentino. I think they also failed to recognize that many people listened to and read our work and made their own decisions. 

We never wrote fiction; here, there or anywhere and presented our work with as much care, thought and transparency as we possibly could. Renato and I worked hard over many years and were dedicated to finding documentation which we sure did. 

Renato also worked hard to document the efforts to censor us and captured all those years of hits on us which were never true or welcome. How heroic he was to spend the time to categorize and file the screenshots of the abject gaslighting and cruelty, the alliances, the subterfuge. Because while they think themselves so crafty and clever, they are not. Connecting their obvious dots would be a task that could be easily accomplished by a child. 

All in all I foresee a time real soon when their years of gaslighting the public about who we are and censoring our work royally backfires on them. They will be asked why they prevented legitimate research and new documentation about Valentino and Rambova from being praised and embraced. 

I have heard all their pseudo noble and feigned authoritative replies..."We were protecting the family", "it's all fiction", "It's all a money grab" and blah, blah, blah they wail and have for years on end. 

All lies... and while their actions or lack there of will reveal their real intentions, I am extremely proud of our work and praise Renato for his tireless research and honesty. We survived their unthinkable behavior and I will continue to do so.

This blog is a thorough record of what they did and how it all came down. It's going no where and it will continue to waft across cyberspace now as my voice and our truth. 

Below: my hero and love, Renato Floris with Valentino's cousin, Chicca Morone in Turin with his Italian translation of Affairs Valentino!