Sunday, March 7, 2021

Those Dirty Hands & The Praise Thereof

Oh imagine our reaction to seeing the pictures of Tracy Ryan Terhune preening before Rudolph Valentino's crypt and with a comment of praise tagged on by Ms. Huber as representative of the Alberto Valentino family. I respond.

For the past decade and counting of our lives, Terhune has mercilessly attacked us on a blog he runs under the title of my Valentino biography, Affairs Valentino. I was forced to close that blog in 2011 when Terhune's accomplice, David Bret threatened to open blogs defaming my family members. Yes, I panicked... but Terhune seized the moment and has since then wielded the blog to divert my legitimate traffic to find his sick bullying of us with images of pigs, satan, bibles and toilets (which he says is my husband Renato's office – see below). He has changed the theme of that hate blog many times over the years and has most recently disguised his irrational hatred of us with a fake, “Literary Critique”. It is there he provides a platform for David Bret to violate a court order which we won in a defamation lawsuit against Bret in Italy.

Even if Terhune knows (as he has been notified by our attorneys – see below) that this is illegal, he permits Bret to go on with his defamation of us on that awful blog. In this Terhune is an accomplice in Bret's violation of a verdict.

Terhune has engaged in heavy bullying of us with ageist name-calling: calling my husband “Child Star 72”, and suggesting we are demented, sipping our, “Ensure” and even finding a count down to our deaths hilarious fun, as he chimes in with, “tick tock tick tock.” Mocking people's age and references to their deaths stands as the meanest way to offend and insult.

Terhune has posted that all of our work will end up in the, “trash bin of Valentino history” and mocked Renato's wearing a robe in Africa as his being, “the man who wears a dress”. It goes on and on. There has been no end to what Cindy Martin referred to as Terhune's, “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn.”

Well I respond today by saying that even though Terhune feels like a tiny saint now... because he has not posted his signature bullying name-calling and lies about us in a while... as long as his hate blog attacking us is online, he is still every single day slinging his mud on us. He is one to consistently, “throw the stone/mud and hide the hand”... but as long as that hatred about us remains online he has mud on his hands.

When I look at those grinning images of him today holding the picture of Valentino.... I see the mud. In my opinion he is covered in it. Yet the mud-slinging has not gone unnoticed and I am happy to say so many people are discovering Rudolph Valentino who recognize the bullying of Terhune and his sycophants. If he is as he claims to be... a true Valentino lover, why does he assault us to such a high degree and why does he not accept our exciting and ground-breaking Valentino discoveries and why does he call them all, “fabrications” despite our documentation? Which brings me to the worst aspect of this charade... the endorsement (the "praise thereof")  of Terhune's show-and-tell by the Alberto Valentino family.

Why does the Alberto Valentino family so appreciate his holding up a picture of Valentino as a praise-worthy action, while in their endless silence support his years of defamation of the discoveries we make about their relative? This is absurd. In my expert opinion after being tortured for years by Terhune, I believe it is precisely because Terhune dutifully censors our work, suppresses the new discoveries we made and continue to make with all intellectual honesty... and in doing so he upholds the Alberto Valentino family's legacy of false narrative. In my opinion, Terhune presents nothing besides the ownership of his collection which he could afford to buy. Just because he owns some historical pieces does not mean he owns the history and he has certainly proven it does not make him the expert he claims to be.

Let us remember Terhune stated that it was, “fabrication” when we proved Valentino arrived in America to be welcomed by wealthy benefactors. He upheld his incorrect statement in the face of the documentation of Ernesto Filomarino's and Frank Mennillo's family archives and accounts and in face of the testimonies of actual witnesses who were there when Valentino arrived.

Terhune is a man who claimed Valentino did not have, “two nickels to rub together” when he arrived in New York... when in actuality Valentino arrived with 4000$ in hand... which today would be $52,754 U.S. dollars.

Let us remember Terhune continues to portray George Ullman as a villain when Ullman was in fact completely exonerated and praised by the Appeals Court judge.

Lest we forget Terhune has called my book Affairs Valentino, “trash” and “pure fiction” and claimed for years I had criminal warrants out on me and a drug past... all 100% false. Lets just say that owning something does not automatically make one the historian, or the nice guy, they claim to be.

As the Alberto Valentino family grasps at anything to maintain their false narrative, (while knowing it is false) about their relative, they support Tracy Terhune, who has called us vicious names for a decade, lied about the integrity of our books and who has boasted openly how he has gained top place in my Google search with his hateful mud slinging. This is a shocking admission today of the Alberto Valentino family's support of his behavior. I used to think they did not know about it but I now allege they sure do. Anyone remaining silent in this situation is an accomplice at this point. Terhune eagerly parrots Alberto Valentino's lies, gaining their favor...he repeats as fact... the utter falsehoods how Ullman was a villain, how Natacha was the, “worst thing to happen to Rudy” and how Alberto himself was a long suffering saint who never got a penny from the estate... etc.

Until Terhune takes that designated hate blog targeting us off line, until he issues a sincere and public apology for the ten years and more of our suffering from his malicious and cruel bullying... and until he resigns as emcee of the service at the crypt out of respect for the memory of Rudolph Valentino... in my opinion he is covered in mud and his dirty hands hold that photo of Valentino.. dirty hands that let day after day go by as he slings the mud of defamatory lies and treachery our way. And to the Alberto Valentino family... I can only say, “My god...shame on you.”

Just a few of the images, from the years of screenshots we have captured as samples of the images Tracy Terhune uses on his hate Affairs Valentino blog he has run against us for eight years and counting:

And our notification to Terhune from our attorney which has to date been completely ignored:

We fight on to defend our good names and the integrity of our work by responding to this continuing abuse. We will not be bullied into silence.