Tuesday, August 1, 2023

The Beat Goes On and On

I guess the answer to the question, "What do they fear?" is pretty obvious. They fear the truth. If Renato and I did not discover and share so much truth about Valentino as we did and do... they would not care at all. But they do care and a great deal. That speaks volumes wouldn't you say?

Recently I invited them to debate me on Zoom... and live stream the debate. I had no takers. Perhaps they feel debating me would lower them in some respect but I say that is 100% false. The opposite is true. If they debated me they would be hard pressed to share documentation for their absurdities. 

Meanwhile they assault, demean and carry on trying to silence us and I write that in the present tense because it is still going on incredibly. One would think they would tire of their hateful ways and censorship of all our fine work on Rudolph Valentino. 

But loyalty to the cult leader is paramount and the followers know there is no grey area in that at all. The meekest public appreciation for us and our work is met with a swift banishment. The beat goes on and on. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently pointed out that those who censor are never the good guys. 

Renato heroically saved years of their worst posted about us but I have given up looking. It feels toxic and pointless. I do hear from people who tell me, "This has to stop." That would be nice but not holding my breath for that either. The Valentino Death Cult is still thriving and feeding on the prospect of seeing, holding or owning Rudy's earthly stuff. Onward. A few past tidbits...and for more of the story: https://www.zumayawinslawsuit.com/