Sunday, August 20, 2023

Their Blatant Admissions

We have never stalked those who stalk us. Over the years I personally hid from them as best as I could. I was so traumatized by their sick actions targeting Renato and I, that yes I hid, to avoid even thinking about them or looking at anything they put online about us. Renato was the hero who suffered through paying attention to the stalkers loathsome actions.

But do they realize that in their very act of obsessively stalking me now, they humiliate themselves over and over. Even their meekest stalking-of-me gesture, becomes a belittling and blatant admission that they are possessed by me and mentally unstable by most people's standards.

There is an undeniable desperation and illness in their stalking which comes across as very sad.

Frankly I have more than enough sad these days. So I reject sad music, sad thoughts and sad stalkers.

If these stalkers were loners with no lives of their own...that would be more concerning. But they stalk me as acolytes of the cult and tools of the state endlessly devoted to the leader. I know they are scoffing to read these words and angry at the insights they afford me and others.

I am a cynical person and practical to a fault. It has taken me some twenty years to recognize and accept that in researching, writing and distributing my Rudolph Valentino biography titled, Affairs Valentino, I became the bulls-eye for a cult … the Valentino death cult.

Our truth bombs threaten and expose their true intents.

* I promise to complete the chronology on the above link...and continue on from 2018 to the present. It became too triggering for me to work and with Renato's passing it became impossible.

Thank you for reading.

Hero  👇💓💓💓