Wednesday, July 26, 2023

No Pity

It never fails to blow my mind when I hear about more character assassination of Renato and I on the Valentino forums, primarily those run by Tracy Terhune. 

What a racket he has going all in all on those forums... as he hides behind the curtain. He forbids anyone to mention us and has historically refused to let Renato and I be members so we could defend ourselves. So its a really one sided narrative. Totalitarian if you will. 

In my opinion it seems the height of hypocrisy to outwardly portray oneself as being morally upright and Christian, as he does... when the seamier reality is that I can not defend myself on the forums where our work is being censored and bashed. 

How ridiculous the argument Terhune's front people/forum admins make saying no one even speaks about our work on their forums. Hello? They are not allowed to mention us or our work. End of that. 

Its kind of curious that he does not realize that all of his efforts over the years censoring us, mocking us, demeaning us in all ways... all of his efforts failed. I still hear from wonderful, intelligent folks who appreciate what we contributed. Thank you, thank you to them! 

It is an honor for me to continue the work on Valentino which Renato and I so passionately embraced. I could pity Mr. Terhune for his continued resistance of the new discoveries we made and our books. It is his loss. 

And if he has something bad to say about us, or anyone does for that matter... he and they can say it to my face. Let me know where and when and I will be there to let them say what they will. It is really chicken shit to say it all behind my back and not let me have a moment to defend us... and no I extend no pity at all. 

Love. love. love. 💓