Sunday, July 16, 2023

Its No Secret

Censorship is in the news right now and I am all ears. It stands to reason this is a topic I have a great deal of interest in because for more than a decade Renato and I have been victims of censorship. I do not think any single person in the "Valentino World" would dispute that statement. It is no secret and it is painfully obvious.

The gathered evidence is pretty staggering; i.e. all those warnings issued to the censor's Facebook forum's followers... blaring in bold letters with emojis attached that our names and books were not to be mentioned. Someone sent me a long exchange with one censor in which said censor admonished and explained why I was never to be mentioned. 

The gaslighting is also pretty staggering; claiming no one ever mentions our books. They forget to mention that every time they do, the mention is instantly deleted. 

I recently heard the comment that those doing the censoring are never the "good guys". People should be given all the information and allowed to make their own assessments and debates should be a regular event. 

Why were and are we the targets of this endless censorship? Well it is an individual instance. 

It is not a mystery that Tracy Terhune gives the commands on this. In my opinion his ego was threatened and our work challenged his personal version of Valentino's story. He likes to say he is protecting the Valentino family... I ask from what? I think they can speak for themselves and they have never disputed a thing we reported.

It is not a mystery that David Bret is the hired junk yard dog in the censorship campaign; sad pathetic troll that he is. Hated universally and still trying to be more hated. 

It is not a mystery that Donna Hill was and still is a tremendous disappointment to me. But the evidence piled up; she was not my friend. 

Cindy Martin, Simon Constable, Eleanor Gribbin and their many aliases... just loyal shills of the state, feverishly working to bolster the lies about us.

It is nonsensical really... all this cruel behavior over a movie star who passed away so long ago. I reiterate that the documentation of my statements about this cabal of censors has been collected dutifully for years on end and is no secret. The screenshots Renato captured, and the evidence sent to us over the years, goes on and on, year after year and spills out of hard drives, taunting me to organize and share it all. 

Maybe its time for the censorship to stop. Invite me to the groups for lively debates. Discuss our discoveries and respectfully listen. This said... not holding my breath waiting for that day.