Thursday, July 20, 2023

Too Much Truth

During the thick of the Italian lawsuit v. David Bret, we hired a body guard at times who called himself Rambo. I never believed that was his real name but it made no difference, he did his job and we paid him a flat 200 Euros each time he showed up.

During a book signing in Turin, he stood at the door like a secret service detail and it made me feel bad. I knew he had children and I just became so angry that it was even required to put him in a line of fire so to speak. 

Part of me always felt like I was insane to be that fearful... but I ask... if a cult of lunatics were obsessed with your location, posting every day in tangent about your death, the condition of your corpse in detail, images of skeletons and coffins, etc. etc. you might think twice. You might pay a Rambo to keep an eye out. 

Not a whole lot has changed. 

The battle for Affairs Valentino rages on.