Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Fakery

Apparently no matter how much of a real threat David Spurr Bret is, it is fine with those running the two Facebook forums, Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget, i.e., Tracy Terhune, Donna Hill, Eleanor Gribbin, Mary O'Bannon, etc... to traipse along business as usual and just let the monster walk right back in and run the joint under his known alias Albert Morris (see below).

And no matter how much they all try to make the world believe Cindy Martin is some kind of hated pariah they have nothing to do with at all, they let her waltz back in as Mary O'Bannon and team up with Morris/Bret.

I have taken the time to prove several times... not only the threat Bret poses but also that he is Albert Morris (see previous two reposts). It has also been known for a long while that Mary O'Bannon is Cindy Martin. And whoever she is is still up for grabs. They all work in unison as far as we are concerned, so they are all one and the same.

I have learned some awful lessons about these people over the past ten or twelve years but I guess it is aok for those called out above to ignore the facts.

But not with me. I ignore nothing and defend my family, our work and our safety from these people and will until my last day on earth. They are a real and proven threat to us and our livelihood and it sickens me that people accept the reality of their presence and say nothing, especially the Valentino family.

Behind the Valentino family's veil of feigned innocence, as they pretend to be above and unaware of the completely unacceptable behavior, the legacy of their relative Rudolph Valentino is shockingly corrupt. Honestly does matter. Why not use your real names O'Bannon and Morris? We all know who you are and more.