Saturday, October 21, 2023

What They Neglected to Share

If someone punched you in the face and knocked you down repeatedly. And if you yelled at them, calling them names while you staggered to your feet, you could hardly be accused of defaming your attacker. You would be emotionally responding to their attack. 

You see Tracy Terhune and his partner in crime David Bret, always to neglect to share just what I was saying/yelling in response to....which would be their unwarranted, thousands of punches they posted everywhere to bully us year after year. 

Do I wander around all day yelling random commentary at anyone as Terhune would like you to believe? No, I do not. But I do respond to be punched for years on end and I get mad. 

Beginning from the spring of 2010 until this moment, Tracy Terhune has been doing all he could, and can, to impede our right to do business, defaming us with lies and name-calling, censoring any mention of our work, diverting my web traffic on several diabolical, designated hate Evelyn and Renato blogs and for a decade, allied with David Bret to make the punishment even worse.

Now he alleges my responses to all of his abuse and profoundly more is somehow proof I am the aggressor. That is the definition of gaslighting. 

I will pass on constructing a long, long list of his terrorizing posts because I have done so many times. I could begin with "You're going to jail!" (video), then "Do you think I am bluffing", and wind up with all those Bibles and Satanic posts he made over the years to make people believe I was insane. "Madwoman of Turin"?

In my opinion, Tracy Terhune is a disgrace to the memory of Rudolph Valentino and he should be stripped of any official role. I believe that not because I am a hateful person, but because he has earned that opinion over the years by maliciously making Renato and my lives needlessly more difficult.

I am writing about the techniques Terhune and Bret et al used as the "team"... as they call themselves and analyzing it all for posterity here: