Saturday, October 28, 2023

The Evidence Proves It

I think Tracy Terhune fails to comprehend the actual size of the archive Renato accumulated, saved as proof of the provocations we faced year after year from Tracy Terhune himself and his dutiful demons.

I looked up the definition of “gaslighting” the other day and one of the points made was that a gaslighter will try to alter the reality of a situation to their advantage. Tracy Terhune does this by not sharing his provocations. He selectively posts my responses to his trash attacks on us and frames this as if I was the instigator. This is textbook gaslighting, which is bullying.

Year after year he spit on our hard work, wrote feverishly to tell the world we were people we were not. He portrayed and portrays me now as hateful and shady; apparently states of human existence he knows intimately. But is it not obviously some classic projection on his part.

What a tragic person Tracy Terhune is in my opinion. And I do not say that hatefully but as a response and general observation of his endless harassing, defaming and tormenting of Renato and me. Evidence instantly proves it was Tracy Terhune who instigated viciously and with one goal. 

That is to ruin Renato and I because we told the truth and worked hard on the subject of Valentino. Now Tracy Terhune denies he did a thing while he sits back with his smug demonic lap dog David Bret and keeps up his obsessively evil ways of bullying me. How about he tell the world what I was responding to?

I am not a hateful person and Tracy Terhune, David Bret do not merit that much energy in the larger scheme of things these days. But I have and will continue to respond and fiercely defend my loved ones and our work. Count on that.

If I were to publish all of Renato's archive on this, it would fill several big fat books. But then the world would know it is not I who live the hateful life of heavy, demonic provocation but Tracy Terhune. 

The actual comprehensive file of hard evidence speaks for itself. Tracy Terhune's recently cobbled together, sadly manipulated attempt is just more gaslighting.

Renato and I always have and will continue to live a life of love. Anyone who knows us can attest to that.

But time has not quelled Mr. Terhune's fury over my dear biography of Valentino, Affairs Valentino. I think perhaps no one in the history of the universe has ever hated a book more than he hates my truth bombing Affairs Valentino

Incredibly after twenty-three years, Tracy Terhune and his fellow “Devil's Angels”, as Michael Morris called them... are still at it. I respond.