Saturday, October 21, 2023

His Wrath Never Ends

Well I did not realize that Tracy Terhune is still so obsessed with me and Affairs Valentino. Wow. He has compiled a new website of hate where he has listed all the things I have said about him over the many years he has been bullying Renato and me. 

Granted most of the comments were said by other people leaving comments on my blog but Tracy Ryan Terhune is still obviously muy furious. How utterly embarrassing for him. I did save all the e-mails from the blog's comments so the origin of all the comments can be proven btw.

But who takes years out of their life to devote to harassing, ruining and defaming someone who wrote a book on Valentino? Tracy Terhune that's who. It should be flattering I guess that this person has spent decades focused on me and mine but it is depressing all in all don't you think? 

I did not bother to read his list and won't. But as his sycophant Simon Constable once told Renato, his fame proceeds him. People all know by now the whole story and however Terhune wants to spin it... he is the one devoting a lifetime to a book I wrote. Have I ever mentioned his book? I think I did once in an interview but it was nothing bad. 

To Tracy Terhune I say...Spin your wheels all you want Mr. Emcee. It only reflects very poorly back on you. We all recognize that cheesy blog format as the very one where you have been bullying me and Renato for years on end. 

At a time when you might show some compassion for me in my grief you instead create another hate Evelyn page. Kind of a bastard thing to do imo.

Well here are some more quotes for your magnum opus.

Tracy Terhune has bullied us for more than a decade.

Tracy Terhune has orchestrated an online campaign of hate towards us and done so publicly.

Tracy Terhune is cruel and mean spirited and has mocked my husband and I and our deaths for years. "tick-tocking" away...

Blah. blah. blah. 

I could go on but I have a life to lead and loving people to be with. 

In closing I must tell you that I pity you Tracy Terhune. Truly I pity you. How unhappy you must be and so much time on your hands. 

Oh and add this to your list.... Tracy Terhune is pitiful. 

I hope someday you find it in your cold, cold heart to extend some gratitude to the two people who worked so hard to discover so much about Mr. Valentino. Odd all in all that you would not be supportive. 

Peace and Love and get over it. Breaking news...Affairs Valentino has been out now for 12 long years. Incredibly, after all this time you post your blithering gaslighting attempt to make me...the villain? Me.... the victim/survivor of your decade of blatant bullying and open alliance with David Bret. 

Does it not occur to you how insane that blog makes you look? Who takes the time to do hateful things like that? And bear in mind that any rational person recognize that and think...

What heinous things did Terhune do to make Evelyn Floris respond with such passion? It really works against you.