Saturday, November 5, 2022

A Sweet Victory

In 2014, I filed a lawsuit against David Spurr Bret, charging him with defamation. As a resident of Italy, I filed the case in my local district of Asti. In 2016, the verdict was handed down and I won.

I am so proud of the victory because verdicts against online bullies are lamentably few. I have set up a website where I share the basic outline as to how the case came about @

I have yet to complete the years 2018 until the present due to some projects we are close to completing. When that great moment arrives I will finish up the chronology on that website.

I am most proud of the filing in my lawsuit. I felt it was well-written and deserves a read. It can be read by clicking on the link to the Google Drive document.

I share three pages (not sequential) of the thirty-seven page document, (the Italian court's certified English translation) as written by our fine Italian lawyer .