Wednesday, November 2, 2022

God Knows We Try

I have decided to keep this blog open and public but will be writing here primarily about the censorship and defamation of our work as spearheaded by Tracy Terhune. Our Rudolph Valentino content will now be shared only on our Patreon account where we have the ability to be public and block personal insults and destructive commentary generated by the censorship effort.

Renato and I have hard drives full of years of screenshots documenting that censorship and defamation. We are currently pondering just what to do with those thousands of images.

Truthfully we have stopped collecting their hate because it involves reading it. No need for that now. We recognized their defeat and surrender when David Bret posted his recent vintage 2010 death threats against us. It was an incredible low and a white flag imo admitting they have nothing left but that.

Bret, on the platform provided for him by Terhune, has sniggered for years how he has gotten away with his non-stop death threatening of us by calling it, “witty death wishing”. Well no one in the world would agree with that and the only people who allowed those”wishes” to slither by, would be his local police. And imo that was only because they fear him.

I would ask Mr. Terhune why he finds it acceptable to host David Bret on that vicious blog he runs against us and links as always to the mother of all designated hate blogs he also runs under my book's title, Affairs Valentino? Does Mr. Terhune think it ok to even affiliate with someone who taunts us with “wishes” of painful, gory deaths and every day for years and years and years? That is threatening behavior by them all. They are not wishes but indeed threats... sustained threats.

I will keep their threatening behavior out of Patreon Affairs Valentino as that was the reason for the move to a Patreon subscription platform.

I am really enjoying the serenity and the discussions on the new space. Subscribe to it here: