Thursday, January 16, 2020

Clarification Regarding the Rudolph Valentino Images

I post the following images to enlighten and assist those trying to determine where Rudolph Valentino was when these two remarkable photographs were taken. It has been brought to my attention that someone reported these were taken in New York City. For those of us who live in the relative proximity of Genoa and Sant'Ilario, this terrain appears to be typical of the hillsides, the flora and architectural landscape. I share a few images; one historical image of the school Valentino attended there and a few more to demonstrate the surroundings today. Perhaps this will help.

Micheal Morris shared these images with me some time in 2013 or 2014 and used a cropped portion of one on his Facebook page (see previous post). He told me he received permission from the Valentino family to use them in a lecture.

If anyone wishes a copy of these images without a watermark or to learn more about them, I suggest they might contact a spokesperson for the Valentino family.

In my opinion these photographs were not taken in New York.