Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Nailed It

Why did Tracy Ryan Terhune spend all these years lying about me, my husband Renato and why did he fear Affairs Valentino so very much he would work so hard and for so long to try to wipe every copy off the face of the earth?

Because I nailed it, that's why. I have since, lo these last ten years evolved some of the research details in the book. But the basic premises never changed, i.e.,

S. George Ullman was the hero in the story of Rudolph Valentino and an honest man.

He was wrongly maligned all these years and the story skewed purposely.

Natacha Rambova was the best thing to ever happen to Rudolph Valentino, and not the “worst” as Terhune likes to fantasize.

Rudolph Valentino had sex with women from the time he began visiting the brothels in Taranto and can not be worshipped as a gay icon...despite the million and one fictional gay lovers invented by Bret.

I could go on and on with the changes made in the Valentino story in Affairs Valentino...changes which were documented to publicly archived documents.

How Terhune has tried to kill the messengers with mockery, straight up lies... and again for the record, I have never altered or created a document and my thoroughly documented book is not as Terhune parrots year after year, “fan girl fiction”. Nice try.

And contrary to his vision of Renato and I sitting in some rocking chair sipping “Ensure” as he wrote, we are honest and hard working despite the harassment.

Terhune's fear of the truths we have brought forth is palpable and even as I write this on December 7, 2022, he is still mired in anguish about us, shunning us, spreading those lies and forbidding any positive mention of us on his Facebook forums and social media accounts.

How different things would have been all around if he had welcomed us and been thrilled to learn new things about his favorite subject. How different it would be now if he called off his faithful junk yard dogs....who endlessly compete for a little bone of favor to be tossed their way from the master. 

The Cult of the Relics is how I refer to it these days. More about that real soon.