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Repost of: Renato Floris Defends His Wife Evelyn Against Tracy Terhune

** Originally posted by Renato Floris on July 27, 2020. 

The following is my dear husband Renato's response to Tracy Ryan Terhune's disgusting, ageist and defamatory post he made on my birthday on the blog he has run for eight years and counting under my book's title to deceive my web traffic. I should feel sorry for someone like Tracy Terhune, who can only wish he had the kind of love Renato and I share. For if he did he would not be so eager to insult and cruelly torture the elderly. And I am proud to say that is what we are.

Renato responds to this latest and mind-bogglingly ageist BS. I warn any of Tracy Terhune's associates and friends that if they are of any advanced age... this is what Tracy Terhune thinks of you. Making fun of someone who was and is fortunate enough to have lived this long only reveals his true nature.

Renato writes:

“Tracy Ryan Terhune says Evelyn is deteriorating....

This as his happy birthday wish for the seventy-two beautiful years Evelyn has lived. Tracy Ryan Terhune dared to write and I quote verbatim:

"It's sad seeing deterioration.

Is Evelyn Zumaya in control of her faculties? Asking for a friend ... Just a guess ... Maybe Renato was on the back-porch sipping on Ensure while she typed her 72nd Birthday rant?" 

... and so on and on.

First of all I suggest to Tracy Ryan Terhune that he has to wash his mouth with strong soap before daring to even speak Evelyn's name.

I did not marry Evelyn to allow Tracy Ryan Terhune to insult her, on the pirated blog Evelyn created to tell about her book, a decidedly innovative book.

I did not marry Evelyn to allow Tracy Ryan Terhune to give his condemned altar boy David Bret a pulpit from which to spit his poison.

I didn't marry Evelyn to allow Tracy Ryan Terhune to offend us because we lived "too long".

In these times when the "politically correct" rages, I wonder how a person like Tracy Ryan Terhune is allowed to gather some fans of Rudolph Valentino around the Hollywood Forever crypt.

I wonder why he is allowed to freely insult, ridicule and abuse two elderly people who care about the true story of Rudolph Valentino.

If there is an authority, a serious authority, whether they are descendants of Valentino, the Hollywood Forever administration or any other authority, I ask that because of his actions abusing the elderly and because of his ageist attacks, that Tracy Ryan Terhune not only be prevented from celebrating his macabre rite, I ask that he also be prevented from even accessing the grave of Valentino because for us as his victims...his presence there offends Valentino's memory.

Valentino's descendants may very well be upset with Evelyn because she unearthed the skeletons they jealously kept hidden in ancient trunks in dusty attics. I tell you, “Valentinos”, if you have a bit of dignity left, it is time to clean your conscience and admit the truth. This regardless of your opinions towards Evelyn because a person who acts so publicly like Tracy Ryan Terhune dishonors your relative's final resting place.

If Valentino's descendants want to continue celebrating their benefactor's memory, they could certainly find people far more worthy of the honor than Tracy Ryan Terhune.

I say to the Hollywood Forever cemetery management that I hope you realize that a person exhibiting such behavior as Tracy Ryan Terhune's, does not add luster to your establishment but only brings discredit.

I read, almost every day, about people whose shows are canceled, important contracts closed and people who must hide because maybe they have made a gaffe, a certain bad gaffe. Tracy Ryan Terhune does not make gaffes but worse... he knowingly insults, abuses a woman, ridicules people who are over and brilliantly seventy years old. To me he is one who wants only to show off his toys and recite a psalm from the Holy Bible in a boring, hypocritical, minced and retracted ceremony; supported by the cultural comfort of his companion David Bret. It is my strong desire that Tracy Terhune's Dance Macabre should cease!

Who will provide a good cleaning and honor the memory of that eagle born in a vulture's nest!

I didn't marry Evelyn to allow Tracy Ryan Terhune to continue in his game of massacring her, as long as I live I will fight for a character like Tracy Ryan Terhune to have nothing more to do with Valentino's world.

I say to Tracy Ryan Terhune, Evelyn is far from deteriorating and I think she grows more intelligent and beautiful every day. I am not sipping “Ensure” but my good Italian red wines and if I was drinking Ensure that would be fine too.

If he wonders why I married Evelyn; I married her because of two reasons. The first one is because I love her and the second one because she loves me. I say this so Tracy Terhune knows how much we love each other as by his actions he shows he is one of those angry loveless people who find joy only in hurting others.

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