Friday, April 28, 2023

On the Censorship of Our Work

The truth is not subjective when supported by documentation and facts. For fourteen years Renato and I shared a treasure trove of documentation to prove facts about the subject of Rudolph Valentino, Natacha Rambova, S. George Ullman, Frank Mennillo, Robert Florey, etc.

But the Valentino “mainstream” as they like to call themselves plugged their ears. And they went even farther to deny the truth be told. (banning even the mention of us on their two Facebook groups, Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget)

They censored, they lied and basically they panicked. In their continued efforts to silence us, we were portrayed as lunatics, criminals who forged documents, dottering senior citizens and described precisely how this hysterical “mainstream” behaved and behaves themselves. Renato and I were anything but. We were working hard every day, sharp as tacks, full of energy and inspired to find honest answers to our many questions... which we did!

Fortunately there are many in the world of Valentino who have questioning minds, who read our books for themselves, checked our citations, listened to our podcasts and learned some truth along the way. To them I say bravo, you are heroes!....again and again.

To those who decided it was not such a big deal and better to suck up to the “mainstreamers”? I say wake up. Your complicity is sad and embarassing. By supporting them, you support their behavior which has been proven by them year after year to be deplorable.

To censor, to shun, to taunt and harass is to bully. This is what they do. They are bullies by definition despite their ridiculous shrieking to the contrary. Their peep, peep, peepings that they are the victims is pathetic. "Mainstreamers"? I call them bullies, censors and liars. 

I assure them no matter how distraught I am now as I grieve the loss of my great love, it will be for him that I will seek and have justice... “Fiat, Justitia Ruat Caelum” ! Below, Renato in 2014 when we visited Matera.