Tuesday, February 8, 2022

My Truth - 1

I have been accused of “denigrating the Valentino scholarship of others" by a member of “the team”. If that is what they are saying about me there, I have no choice but to respond and defend myself.

I have been and am so very blessed to know many Valentino scholars who are open-minded, non-brainwashed and extremely well informed. I consider some of them respected friends and one of them was one of my best friends, Father Michael Morris. I thoroughly enjoy and eagerly embrace conversations with them about the subject of Valentino.

So when I heard that accusation of my “denigrating scholarship”, I had to file this post as correction.

To “them” I say the following: There is scholarship and then there is reprehensible behavior. You could be the most knowledgeable scholar on earth, but if you rat out a friend, (for example) you are still a jerk.

Perhaps scholars of value can also be jerks but I think their being such tremendous jerks to me, entitles me to do some denigrating of that behavior. I will say it is bad behavior when these "scholars", bully, shun, conspire against and torment Renato and I, and that is something I will speak up about. Until it stops.

I do not denigrate scholarship, I denigrate these people's actions....blind obedience to the mandates set in place by mass collector, Tracy Terhune; issued in his campaign to destroy Renato and I. That is what I denigrate.

I never denigrate scholarship, serious scholarship is exciting such as the scholarship of Professor Miccoli. But because of those people's horrible and cruel behavior towards us, I can see nothing to respect. Scholars do not act like they do, they do not censor new material discovered, they do not burn books and issue propaganda.. I think if they want to see a true denigration of Valentino Scholarship, all they have to do is look into a mirror.


  1. Please continue with your output of research, Ms. Zumaya. It is impossible for the imposters to keep up. Because they act as if they are not interested in Ms. Zumaya's new discoveries (They are. Witness the attempts to take credit for her work), it is very clear that the study of Rudolph Valentino is not their main intent.

  2. Agree 100% if someone was truly interested in Valentino , they would discuss his life and not use him for financial gain. Their cruel behaviour is totally unacceptable.