Friday, June 4, 2021

Something Really Nice to See

I was recently interviewed by a Swedish blogger, Magdalena Hamilton who is a Valentino afficianda. She posted the interview today on her blog at:

After all the years of evil posts about me this is really nice to see. Yay Rudy. 

She has posted another link in the story of her Instagram page. 

Thank-you, thank-you Magdalena. 

I am honored.


  1. Wonderful! And how intriguing to hear that one woman who knew Valentino said that he used beautiful words and she thought he was a poet!

  2. Loved it ! Bravo !

  3. Very happy to see this interview with Ms. Zumaya! We are all eagerly looking forward to your upcoming revelations about Valentino's girlfriend from school. New discoveries about Valentino are always thrilling!

  4. How wonderful to see such a positive public mention in regards to Ms. Zumayas's work which has been shunned by so many for so long. Her books are of exquisite merit and should hold their respected place in the history of Valentino. I hope this is the beginning for more positive feedback and acknowledgment and less ignorance.

  5. Loved the interview! The interviewers question regarding what would you would want to ask Rudy was a good one. Loved the response! Your answer was my answer at this point.