Friday, March 13, 2020

Dirty Deeds? Shame On You, Tracy Ryan Terhune

In a recent post on the blog Tracy Ryan Terhune runs (and has run for eight years) under my book's title, Affairs Valentino, where he maliciously deceives web traffic seeking legitimate information about my work to find a hateful platform where David Bret violates a court order prohibiting him from writing about us...on this blog, Terhune now cites my “Dirty Deeds” in his millionth attempt to vilify me and portray himself as a victim. I ask today... indeed just who has committed the “Dirty Deeds”? I think the evidence speaks for itself.

Tracy Ryan Terhune cites a few random decade's old inanities... such as his saying I sent him a “deceiving letter” long ago in which I asked for his input on his then issues with a silent film blogger Hala Pickford. I'd already sent a letter to Ms. Pickford and she replied by asking if we could meet and discuss it in person. We did. I then sent a letter as inquiry to Tracy Ryan Terhune.

I will say in reading Terhune's letter to me about Ms. Pickford, I was not so surprised at his aggressive rhetoric and his admission he had been monitoring her, (a young woman in her 20's) for two years.

My sending him that letter was not a “dirty deed”. And I did consider the conflict between Pickford and Terhune to be, “Affairs Valentino” and for a while I sought to document it. How many other silent film stars inspire such interest and activity? I was not as involved with Ms. Pickford then as Terhune claims and went to the court hearing hoping to record it as it was not a closed hearing.

I read the posts by Pickford and Terhune and my personal reaction to his reaction at being called “King of Valentino” by Ms. Pickford or “King Kookie” was one of disbelief. I am not delving into the merits of that sad case but will say that in the least she had some humor in her posts while he sure did not.

His outrage at this is all the more absurd now after his ensuing decade and more of his name-calling me and my husband Renato; such as bitch, Fool Zumaya, idiots, Child Star 72, calling our books trash, not worth a dime, writing posts mentioning my beloved and deceased parents, and linking to the unthinkable levels of bullying by David Bret and proudly doing so. Terhune has posted headlines saying there were warrants out for my arrest and linked to posts claiming I was a drug addict and worse. All terribly cruel and false. I would ask who does he think he is fooling by trying to claim I am the one guilty of dirty deeds? I can answer that and say he fooled and fools no one.

He carries on in his current post with his whining over my acts of more than a decade ago by saying I delivered a paper to the court about some fake sickness. Yes, I did Ms. Pickford a favor by delivering an envelope to court explaining she was sick in bed. Truthfully, I was annoyed to have to take time to do this. I did so because I am a kind person and because she was sick, having been in the the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank the previous night. She was very ill and I will attest to that. Dirty Deed or favor for a sick person ten years ago?

And I did not sign any paper of Proof of Service to him. As I explained in a previous post on this blog, I retrieved that document in 2014 and my signature was forged.

I add here that throughout Terhune's legal involvement with Ms. Pickford he never ceased to claim she “self-published” my book Affairs Valentino and he never ceased to interject the book into his court case; not one case but two. He has claimed for years on end that I interjected my book into his legal cases because I covered a court hearing. It is my opinion he pursued this strategy in an effort to stop the publication of my book. This because Ms. Pickford published the first edition of Affairs Valentino and I fired her shortly after. According to Tracy Ryan Terhune's logic about this, every reporter covering and writing about a legal case is “interjecting” themselves into the case. It was he who worked hard to interject the name of Affairs Valentino into his legal cases despite Ms. Pickford having no authority over the book.

He was convinced she still had some authority as was evident on the day he chased Ms. Pickford through a court house into a parking lot while yelling, “You're going to jail!”..and where her father confronted him saying, “What will it take for you to stop harassing my daughter?” To which Tracy Ryan Terhune replies, “She has to guarantee that Affairs Valentino never happens again”. She never held any rights over my book and certainly did not at that time.

Throughout this time, Terhune affiliated openly online with David Bret by linking to his sites... at one time Bret was running some five or six targeting me. Terhune also linked to another heinous blog and a post which in my opinion he sure wrote because of the line, “Angels Wept”. As Terhune ran another blog titled, “Valentino Wept” and used this tag line after the shortest verse in the bible, “Jesus Wept”... it is not a stretch of the imagination to believe he wrote this vicious and utterly invasive piece of cyber-bullying about me and left his signature in the form of those two words.

I cite as posted on August 25, 2012, “After more than 8 decades of selfless service to their communities, God fearing respect to their family and investing everything they could to raise a God-fearing and honest daughter, I can imagine that they look down in sorrow and sadness, wondering where they went wrong. George and Elizabeth are surely rolling in their graves at the conniving monster you have become. If angels ever wept, Evelyn...”

These are all dirty deeds; grievous bullying by definition and horrifying levels of stalking and trolling. And this represents but a few lines from the years of posts by Terhune which are almost all linked within their network of “ruin”.

In 2014, when I retrieved the court records of his case against Ms. Pickford in Burbank, I found the following documents which he submitted to the court. These stand incredibly as proof he was being deceptive and aiding David Bret by contributing to those daily killing machine blogs. I share these as images #1,2, and 3. 

In his Facebook message to Bret #1, Terhune instructs him how to hide the fact he was the one feeding the information to him for use in his bullying. I add that Bret obeyed his orders and his following day post thanks his inside contact at the Burbank Court House. 



As Terhune says he “laughs out loud” while reading Bret's blogs, I ask how he can claim in his sworn statement to the court, #2 and #3.. that he never heard of Bret before the contact? Illogical. I also recall Terhune writing a review of Bret's Valentino book when it came out. So his dirty deeds were all in all not so well-disguised.

I have never run a blog for eight years and counting under his book's title where I deceive people by pretending it is a literary critique when it is in reality a platform for hate and lies.

I have never run a campaign to ruin him by recruiting people... such as known felons with mile long criminal records. I have never trolled nor used his parent's first names and implied I knew them personally. How sick is that?

As we now know from Ms. Cindy Martin's messages which I have cited, Terhune has done all of this and no doubt much more.... behind the scenes.

Today I posted the link to the Google drive of all of the David Bret screenshots we submitted as evidence to the lawsuit and these public record documents can be seen at .

Me... doing a favor for someone who was sick? Me... having my signature forged? Me... writing a letter to him asking him some questions? These are part of the history of this sordid story but not dirty deeds. These are events which took place a decade ago and he is feebly still whining about it... I cite and respond to his fresh dirty deeds from just this past week. Who is he fooling? No one.

Despite my years of writing my defense as I do today, of filling those folders he displays which are so full of my efforts to undo the damage he and Bret so gleefully inflict on me and mine.. and despite his position now, according to the substantiation by Ms. Martin, of achieving some status as overlord and censor wielding his control of the major Valentino Facebook groups... Despite all this...In my opinion he is not the King of Valentino.

*the three images in this post are public record.